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Joey Harrington Hospitalized


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Just a quick story about Joey Harrington that shows what kind of person he is at heart.

Opening TC practice of the 2007, a plane is flying overhead with banners disparaging the Falcons over what Mike Vick did, PETA is protesting at the gates and there's a relatively small crowd of fans there to support their team. Out walks Coach Arrogant, he leads the team through a practice that is nothing like Falcons training camps before or after his reign. The fun of watching the Falcons practice has been totally taken away. Practice comes to a end and as their accustomed to fans line the fence to meet and greet the players. In steps Coach Arrogant yelling at the players and telling them to get inside. The entire team and coaching staff run for the locker-room.

A few minutes later out walks Joey Harrington, JA98, Da Future and a few other players, they've decided to ignore their Coach and wanted to say "Thank You" to the fans who despite the ugly scene stuck it out support the team. Joey spent a good 15-20 minutes signing things and talking with the fans when he was told not to and realized what was right and what was wrong with the situation.

That is class folks!

This also brings up another nice memory, who else went to the Falcons/Seahawks game in 2007? There weren't many of us there but it was the spark of light that there was hope for the next year, the players never quit despite their record and put a show on for the diehards that were there to the end.

First I just wanted to say I hope Joey has a speedy recovery. There was a lot of misplaced anger that year and clearly at least one person wants to blame everybody but the one person who made those bad choices.

Anyways, yeah I remember that training camp year and generally Quitrino might send out the same no name scrubs who won't even make it to the practice squad so I think it's cool that Joey and some of the other vets ignored Suey Boy's orders.

I also remember the 2007 Seahawks game. It was the return of Kerney and the first of many games for my son.

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Mr. Right, I have defended you against folks that wanna see you banned because I believe you have every right to your twisted opinions, but you truly, and I mean really,....disgust me.<_<

I couldn't agree more....

When it comes to football, it's good to have opposing opinions regardless of how illogical or asinine those opinions may be... But seriously... Are these people seriously incapable of putting their football opinions (remember people... this is a KID'S GAME) aside in a post about a very good person who is in serious condition???

As far as Vick goes (as much as I hate to flog this dead horse), any human (for lack of a better word) who had a sick, sadistic fetish for getting off on seeing animals suffer is obviously a few rungs short of human on the evolutionary ladder.... Some of these Vick Stalkers are like brain-dead jilted lovers who are still stalking their partner 5 years after the relationship ended... I honestly wonder how often Vick's security has to deal with stalkers like this...

As for the degenerate, knuckle-dragging "gene pool skimmings" who have a creepy crush on the guy and are too mentally incompetent to realize that Vick was given FAR more chances than any one of us would be given in similar circumstances.... Seriously.... I am amazed that you know how to breathe without using every ounce of your intellect simply to do so....

But being so Vick-obsessed as to use your Vick-fueled passion to make light of another human being who is in a life or death situation goes far beyond the fact that he is a mentally challenged individual.... This sort of behavior indicates that he is a completely shallow and sociopathic individual who is not only void of the most simple reasoning ability, but completely morally bankrupt as well.....

It amazes me what some people will put ahead of football....

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Harrington is a great guy. He's had a horrible QB career, which I blame his experience playing for Detroit for mostly (like David Carr who entered the NFL playing behind a turnstyle O-Line), but he never complained and handled that Petrino debacle with class. I wish him the best.

thats true

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