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Since JJ is so explosive, it only makes since that his nickname should be...

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Can't really slow down this Hype machine with what he is showing in camp so far man, might as well go with it B)

Nope, not going with it at all. That is where the single most dissapointment comes from. That's why so many players from various sports "suck" because they've been over hyped.

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No offense, but you don't know this dude.

No offense, but who the F are you? I'm 99.9% positive you don't know him either. Just because you have a picture of him, doesn't mean anything brah. What does me not "knowing" this dude have to do with anything? You act like I don't watch any sort of sport at all. I followed him all the way from high school, through college, and now in the NFL. I'm sorry that I don't like to label players as "explosive" or "game changers", especially given some of our recent top talent draft picks. It takes a receiver roughly 2-3 years to fully come into his own.

Also, threads like this (while they are fun to read) can do more harm than good. Everyone reads it and buys into the hype that he is going to be the next Randy Moss, or the next Calvin Johnson..So when he goes out in his first 3-4 games and drops a few passes, and isn't AS explosive as everyone makes him out to be, he becomes labeled as overrated.

I'd rather just make my assumption of what type of player he is, when a game counts and not practice.

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