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Moss to retire

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I've noticed a general trend from the mods being more lax in TATF and allowing general football banter. I think it's a good thing.Now that I've said that, watch 'em move this thread.

I think it's a good thing too Supes.

I think it should be somewhere between where it is now and where it was 10 years ago when Dan was the only Mod.

Good times my friend.

Hopefully the OP can delete this thread before it stirs up the other Mods because they might get agitated. God knows every one of em has banned me at least once. Except maybe BankerBird.

OP please delete thread. :unsure:

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Haha, he can't delete his thread 'cause he's not a Pure Football member, which allows self-moderation like that. That's about the only thing PF is good for any more.

I wouldn't worry about it OP.

Further proving that people don't want to talk, they want to bicker.

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