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What Colin Cowherd just said at about 10:30am this morning


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Let's not forget that Julio was a star at Alabama while playing alongside Heisman Trophy winner Mark Ingram. Plus, everyone knows Alabama has always been a run 1st, run 2nd, pass 3rd type of offense. Had Julio gone to, let's say USC or Texas, his numbers would have been off the charts. However, I think this will work out perfectly for the Falcons b/c one of his most overlooked qualities is his outstanding run blocking. That puts him ahead of the learning curve for most rookie WRs and his natural talent will help him along while he learns the playbook. I say give hime 4 routes: Go route, 10 yrd in, post, slant. Randy Moss only had three routes he would run when he first came in the league. Sorry for the long post but this is a dream for me as a lifetime Bama/Falcon fan.

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Where's Swifty to run in and cut Jones down, or the trade to get Jones down, while also lambasting TD for not getting Dez Bryant?

In all sesriousness, I like this kid a lot, and I am guardedly optimistic. When a guy like Gonzo, who's been in the league since they used leather helmets, says this is the best Rookie he's ever played with, you need to take notice.

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