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Michael Jenkins appreciation thread

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Nice pic. That was from the Vick era. Buddy had some nice plays back then. I've been watching the last three seasons lately and he just keeps showing up in clutch situations. I don't really think you'll get much appreciation for The Jenk Man on this board but here is my tribute to him in a video that includes some of his plays over the last three years during the Ice Age.

That vid doesn't get old... Thanks for posting!

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A lot of MJ12 detractors are going to be missing Jenkins come a few weeks into the season. While he was neither explosive or a superstar, Jenkins was consistent and a solid receiver for us. The depth he would have brought to the WR position is gone and we have nobody below Roddy & JJ that should play more than 5 snaps a game. God help us if Roddy or JJ get hurt & miss a game or more. I wish him well with the Vikings, except when the play us.

Seconded. I was an MJ12 detractor, but I felt we needed him for at least another year. He wasn't a true 2, and didn't use his body well, but he would have been helpful for certain 3 wide sets, and critical if Julio or Roddy went down. We need a vet outside receiver.

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Thanks for leaving, Jenks!

Just kidding, I'll miss Jenkins. Roddy is the better receiver but in my memory banks are more Jenkins catches than Roddy catches. Pittsburgh '06, Matt's first pass, Bears game, Ravens game last year, I can't remember who it was against but it was '09 and he caught the ball and the DB pulled his face mask and twisted his head around and he still held on. Great catch.

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