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Giants after Snellz

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Source: Jason Snelling to Giants a “definite possibility”

Re-signing top running back Ahmad Bradshaw was one of the New York Giants’ main priorities in free agency, but ESPN’s John Clayton reported Sunday that the sides are “not close” to an agreement. The Giants may have directed their running back pursuits elsewhere.

A league source tells PFT that the Giants have been in discussions with free agent running back Jason Snelling, who played the last four seasons with the Falcons. The source called a deal between the Giants and Snelling a “definite possibility.”

Snelling has also received interest from the Bengals this week. It’s unclear whether Sunday’s re-signing of Cedric Benson removed Snelling from consideration in Cincinnati.

Listed at 5-foot-11, 223, Snelling has the look of a power back but offers impressive versatility. Terrific as a pass protector and receiver out of the backfield, Snelling wound up playing more snaps than starter Michael Turner in Atlanta over the past two seasons.

Snelling was also linked to the Rams in a recent St. Louis Post-Dispatch report. He would back up Steven Jackson there.

I'm near the point that i feel we need to move on.. This is starting to drag on to long.

He wants guaranteed more carries.. With Turner and not Quizz... I dont know if we can promise that... We will see.

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Uh oh. Yeah, this report does not sound good. I imagine they can get Snelling for much less than what Bradshaw wanted and Snelling will definitely get more snaps there than he will here. I've got a bad feeling that Snelling will be a Giant after reading this. I've always been a big fan of Snelling and I will hate to see him leave.

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I still want Ronnie Brown. I think with his skillset he's the perfect backup, not to mention he's used to a 2 back system. He's got the skills of a top 5 NFL RB when healthy.

I would not mind seeing this, and Im sure he wouldn't mind coming here seeing as he went to high school like 4 minutes from my house. He is a GA boy

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What about Johnson, G.? Isn't he big as Snelling with a little more speed, thought I read that somewhere. I know about his hands but if he can protect the ball and get some YAC thats all he would need to do correct? Im sorry I'm at work and dont have the time to look up all stats so i may be wrong. Dont quote me :rolleyes:

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Snelling is a great running back who needs to take a chance at the big time....if someone picks him up then that is great for him. We a FO that can get over that hump and keep the machine mooving in the right direction. I believe Snells will be back, but we are a well run team now that can over come FA moves like this!!!


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