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Running back a need position without Snelling

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I'm a little confused about this one. We know Turner wears down late in the season without sharing the load. Snelling has proven to be capable. Why on earth has he not been resign? He should have been a priority. I understand the hype with Jizz but he hasn't proven jack. If we go into this season with just our current RB situation we are going to be sorry. Any thoughts?

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What makes you so sure he should have been re-signed by now? We don't know what he's asking for and he might think he's worth a lot more than the FO is willing to cough up for a backup. Especially considering we picked up Quizz.

Let him test the market while guys like Ronnie Brown & Cedric Benson are still out there...then see what he's willing to agree to.

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Guest JoeSr


He probably misspelled the man's name due to me misspelling his name. I spelled it that way in several posts.

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