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What all do we have left, and what do we have already

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NB- if Franks isnt ready

LG- Blalock possbily, not a major need. with all of our recent picks. but looks like its going to happen

Hb- good trucking hb to compliment turner and Quizz ( wonder if Johnsson can be that guy)

We look really really good.



Abe/kroy/matthews, Peters/Jerry, Babs, Edwards/Sid/Matthews -Dline

Dunta,Grimes,Franks,Moore,Decoud- DB

Weatherspoon, Lofton, Nicholas with (solid backups in Dent, Adkins and Coy and Peterson)



Qb- Ryan, Redman ( JPP or Froman)

Hb- Turner,Quizz, Johnson, Smith (?)

Fb- Ovie

Te- Gonzo, Palmer, Peel

WR- White, Jones, HD,Mier, Weems, with possibilities in ( Brandon Harvey) look at our UDFA we have at bottom for more


Baker,Blalock or ?, Mcclure, Reynolds/Johnson/Jackson, Clabo

UDFA that I think have a shot to contribute


WR Drew Davis (Oregon),

C Paul Fenaroli (Stony Brook),

QB Adam Froman (Louisville),

WR P.J. Gore (Mars Hill College),

DB Matt Hansen (Rhode Island),

DE Tom McCarthy (Yale),

T Rob McGill (Louisiana Tech),

DB Kamaal McIlwain (Newbury College),

C Ryan McMahon (Florida State),

FB Thor Merrow (Northern Alabama),--- dudes name is Thor he has to make it

G Matt Murphy (Nevada-Las Vegas),

LS Andrew Schulze (Iowa),

LB LaMarcus Thompson (Tennessee),

DT Kiante Tripp (Georgia),

DB Suaesi Tuimaunei (Oregon State),

DB Darrin Walls (Notre Dame),

LB Youri Yenga (Southern Methodist).

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Lb Yenga and Thompson

WR Drew Davis may have a chance to fight for a spot

Fenaroli, Mcgill, Murphy and McMann have shots on the line for sure, especially if Blalock doesnt come back

And one of the Dbs not sure which one will make it though

and Froman could beat out JPW possibly

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