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Anyone think the Eagles are overspending and sacrificing future

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They have been well run for a long time now. Always drafted well, got rid of older guys before giving them crazy contracts. Always been under the cap every year, and generally they don't spend the max (maybe this year). Lot of credit goes to Reids offensive system how he can plug people in (Mcnabb, Garcia, Feely, Detmer, Vick), and Jim Johnson's system too I guess.

They do a good job, and I despise them right now mainly because of YKW.

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I have a lot of respect for the way Reid and his FO manages their cap and brings in good players through the draft and FA. However, I have almost no respect for Philly fans, except McMVP and a couple others. That being said, as a season ticket holder throughout the MV years, I think they made a huge mistake building their team around him. He has mad skills, as anyone that attended the Dome games from 2002 - 2007 can attest, but at the same time, he would just as often make foolish, elementary mistakes, such as trying to make something out of nothing when he got cornered; throwing it as he went down, and the opposing LB in spy coverage easily picking it off, and without anybody behind him, scoring untouched. Some times, he would make amazingly accurate throws; other times, he looked like a certain QB with the first name Doug and the last name Johnson.

MV talks about regret and now says he is against dogfighting. I just wonder why it took him five years of watching losers get executed, and all the scars and blood, plus getting caught and convicted, to reach that conclusion.

I am also wondering why all those MV detractors (and McNabb boosters) SUDDENLY jumped ship and did an 180 on both players.

Slow and steady wins the race, and given both scenarios, I'll still take our team over the Eagles.

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