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Who do you think had the best FA signings?


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they didn't do anything for their Oline. I'm not sold on their pass rush either. they may end up being like the Dream Team 04, having all the talent in the world but not being able to gel during games because everybody too busy trying to be the man instead of playing within the team. I'm more scared of the Patriots because Bill know how to get the most out of rejects.

We are comparing free agent signings not the overall team.

Pass Rush They added Jason Babin who was 6th in sacks last year with 12.5, they still have Trent Cole who had 10 that puts them ahead of the Falcons on pass rush. They added a Guard to their O-line but with Vick in the pocket they didn't seem to struggle to much with the line if you didn't noticed the huge offense they had through the air. They added shut down corners two of them. We added 1 player and we are not 1 player away from the Super bowl. We lost a starter from our O-line they have not. So yes they have done much better so far in the Free Agency.

My list would be something like:


New England

St. Louis



for the top 5

I don't think the Panthers and Saints have both improved their rosters by more than we have at this point. Which means we have lost ground to a team (New Orleans) that we spilt with last season. I don't think the Panthers can beat us but they have made better Free Agent pickups so far.

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Saints and Eagles, with Eagles still having some gaping holes on their team (LB, SS, FS, OL).

Abrayo Franklin, Shaun Rogers, and Darren Sproles (plus Carl Nicks and Lance Moore re-signed) are pure quality FA moves. Add in an amazing draft and... :ph34r:

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they still got turnstiles for linemen though lol

Fokou is no turnstile. And while they lost Bradley, Chancey showed a lot of promise and that's most likely why they let Bradley go. Don't forget they picked up Mathews in the draft and with all the moves they have made so far on defense don't be surprised if they add to it.

Keep in mind they had a better defense than us last season and they have added Jenkins and Babin to their D-line and Nnamdi and Page to their backs just with their free agent picks.

We have added Edwards.

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