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Michael irving

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I was crying at the 'perspective' stuff :lol:

he was bouncing, bug eyed, squirming, shaking his mouth. i saw sapp a few times make them eyes like ( eww wee he high).

Eisen lost control and Michael kept on talking and talking.

and yes it was all perspective from him.

or how belichick and reid manage PEOPLE, the MANAGE peeeee-ople. Its not just football, they TEACH PEOPLE.

eisen said well he cut moss mid season, irving just kept on yapping like he aint hear that.

i bet he get good coke though

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Mike isn't on that stuff...he's just passionate about football...especially "diva" players, lol. I actually liked the segment. It made for great TV and what most didn't realize was that Eisen and Irvin were both right. In D-Jax's case, I can understand him holding out. The same for Roddy.

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