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My thoughts so far.

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My belief is that the Ray Edwards deal came together first, after we refused to grossly overpay for Charles Johnson and second, after no quality defensive ends were released yesterday.

Let's face it, we took ourselves out of any trade possibility Osi Umenyiora when we traded for Julio Jones. We didn't have the ammo to pull it off. Our best option to improve the pass rush was Ray Edwards.

My opinion is that Ray Edwards is a quality pass rusher and good overall defensive end. He isn't elite. The market for him proves that GM's don't see him as elite. 16.5 sacks last 2 years verify that he isn't a one hit wonder and at 26 years old, his best is probably ahead of him. Hopefully he feels that he still has something to prove.

I would still like to add another piece in the secondary. Another corner, particularly. Either a starter and have Grimes play the nickel or a nickel and keep Grimes on the field. I love Grimes, but I think there are still better players available. That said, Grimes can play and is a good starter.

My hope is that we keep Blalock. He is familiar with the scheme and has continuity with McClure and Baker. I think Reynolds, Johnson, or Valdez can easily fill Dahl's shoes and the other two provide some nice depth.

Other then that, a veteran running back would be nice. The market is flooded with quality running backs. Jacquizz, whom I love, is not an adequate #2. He is a change of pace guy only. I don't think Gartrell Johnson or Antone Smith is anything to be excited about either. Personally I would love to add Cadillac Williams.

I really just want to see the Falcons get some value from here on out. There will be some nice, older veterans available who can provide depth and contribute. We are close.

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