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Schefter: Edwards deal is 5 years/30 mill.

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This is so good on so many levels. He is replacing a one dimensional player in Anderson (only can play the run) Which is great because Edwards is very solid as a run stopping DE.

And it helps because even though Kroy can Pass rush he can also get blown up a bit in the run game.

And it up our overall rotation! Kroy, Abe, and Edwards is a very strong 3 DE rotation. And all three can really bring it and can give one another a hot second to get some rest. To speak nothing of what still "could be" if we get anything decent out of Sid!

And now imagine we get anything out of Jerry like we did in flashes from his rookie season! People want to bag on Edwards as the weakest of the Vikings line, but when you look at all the pieces of our line, we are really in a nice position with some strong talent once this addition is made.

Abe: One of the best in the league no question

Babs: Never makes it like he should be he is a Pro Bowl Player no question

Edwards: Very solid well rounded DE 8 sack min guy with really good run stopping ability.

Jerry: If he is back no more stepping up in the middle, if he isn't injured he is a very good player. What Kory can be to our DT rotation in what special things he can bring. He can make something special happen on his own.

Kroy: Kerney lite, relentless pass rush but gets exposed on run downs (but not any more!) when the O-line needs a breather Kroy is going to up the hustle anty for certain. AND he wont have to play as many game snaps because Akeem Dent is supposed to take Kroy's role on special team. More energy for this tireless worker, who was a half step away from having 8-10 sacks last season

Peters: Real good rookie season and only looks to improve in his second season, what Edwards can be to our DT rotation. Solid you know what you will get, and pass rush is coming along.

Nice looking D-Line when you look at it in totality!!!

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**** ANYONE who talks **** about TD. The man is the best GM we've ever had.


Agree with this.

But as you can see by alot of our fanbase there are still Dimitroff doubters in the building.I actually think they have protected our 18 mill under the cap well.I think they'll resign Blalock next and then get a deal done with Grimes later on.

Our GM excites me he is doing everything Mr Blank has promised to keep the Falcons relevant.God I just can't understand the TD doubters the man's doing a fine job.

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That is highway robbery and THAT haters is why Mr. Dimitroff has been NFL Executive of the Year two of the last three years.

Pretty amazing stuff when you think about it... This is why I didn't understand all consternation surrounding the board these past few days. TD has done nothing but keep this team in position to compete for a championship since he got here.

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Seriously, we got Ray Edwards for HALF of what Carolina paid CJ!!! CJ had a helluva year, but he's not twice the DE of Ray Edwards!

I wasn't begging for us to sign him because of how things went down in Minnesota, but for this contract, I couldn't be more excited!!!

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