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guess where JA98 ad Jenks end up

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Im not feeling KC, TD prob let his boy know to steer clear. I always liked the guy, we just should never drafted him. Raiders I can see actually, how did we not get a 3rd rounder from Al, hes not calling the shots anymore evidence is their past two drafts

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I'd like to see Jenks to the titans, cause I just moved to nashville, and I'm trying hard to find a reason to like the titans. I hope anderson goes anywhere but the titans, because I'm trying hard to find a reason to like them

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I think you forgot one or two teams. You only win if they actually end up on a team you didnt name and then I take your prize away.

Haha, just trying to list all reasonable destinations.

If I had to pick just one, I like Jenkins to the Raiders. They were inquiring about Ochocinco, so they could look at other veteran receivers, Hue Jackson worked with Jenks when he was coaching here, and they might remember Jenkins owning them when we crushed Oakland a couple of years back.

As for JA98, I could definitely see him winding up on the Texans as they look for personnel to fit their 3-4 front. They've put Okoye on the trading block already to make room for new defenders.

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