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Why we must sign a DE...even if we overpay slightly


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Dimitroff is counting on Witherspoon and Jerry to return healthy to help with the pass rush. They may be healthy but we are guaranteed to have an injury to some one else. What happens if Babineux is hurt? What happens if Bierman is hurt? God forbid Abraham get hurt!! We must add depth otherwise you are the same or worse as last year.

You got away without a good pass rush last year because look at who you faced: (who ever started for Steelers), Delhomie, Palmer, Flaco, (who ever started for Arizona), (who ever started for Seattle), Bradford, (who ever started for SF), Claussen, Brees, Freeman, Kolb

Now look at the QB's we face this year: Manning, Shaub, Hasslebeck, Guarad, Rodgers, Stafford, McNab, Brees, Newton, and Freeman. We will get torched if we come back with the same defense.

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I saw that, and was going to post something, but that didn't mean much, but then a trusted poster on another message board posted on twitter that Ray Edwards to ATL is closer then most think, so idk what to think. And i know Jbo knows him.

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