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panthers re up beason

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he will become the highest paid ILB ever, carolina is going to be pushing the cap soon, and all they have done of any real importance is bring back pieces from a team that won 2 games last year, LOL

lol that is funny you say that. In reality, they have gave out big money to their top talent. Only problem is, those guys won 2 games for them last year. They add a Cam Newton and Greg Olsen and some other guys on defense, good for them. Maybe they will double their wins after spending 100 million on free agents and draft picks

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eh..I hear that they're still over 20m under the cap.

Can give Kalil a new contract, and sign a quality cb and wr, if they wanted.

Oh, I hear ya. The pinch won't be felt this year. It will be the next 4-5 years or so that you're tight on cash. Cash spent on players that simply couldn't win games on their own. You'll add to them, of course. But with the amount of overpaying going on in Carolina, you won't be able to ADD AS MANY other good pieces as you need to really contend. You've eroded your future team upside, and you won't realize it for another year.

Of course, Carolina was in a crappy spot, as the worst team in football typically is. You could either try to rebuild slow, to a championship level, by not overpaying too much. Or you could go for the quick and expensive fix of buying up everything you see at massively increased rates. Less potential for a championship, but you'll suck less, much more quickly.

They went with option 2. Now, you are entirely at the mercy of the development of a talented but incredibly raw option qb with character fissures(not issues, fissures) in order to determine if you will EVER even be a playoff team the next 4 years. If he fails, you're SOL for half a decade, at least.

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