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Wild Card Week


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Right now, as you all know, Atlanta is 3 games ahead of Arizona in the NL Wild Card standings (3 games in the Lost column).

Looking at both team schedules, I figure there are two very critical 7-day stretches that can at best put the Braves comfortably ahead, OR, at just below average [.461], keep the Braves nervously still ahead of the Diamondbacks.

Between August 15 22

Atlanta has 4 games at home against SF

Arizona has 3 games at Philly

Let's say the modest results will at least be as follows:

Braves 2-2

Arizona 1-2

After that, the Braves have 3 at home against Arizona/Arizona likewise has 3 at Atlanta

Braves 2-1

Arizona 1-2

Then between September 5 11

Braves have 3 games at Philly/Arizona 3 games at Colorado

Braves 1-2

Arizona 1-2

After that, Braves have 3 games at St. Louis/Arizona 4 at home against SD

Braves 1-2

Arizona 3-1

In this scenario, the records for those games are:

Braves 6-7

Arizona 6-7

No ground gained, but also no ground lost.

Now, before anybody goes WTF?, if the Braves can sweep Arizona, but the rest stays the same, things change a lot. Or if Philly sweeps Arizona, and the rest stays the same, things still change a lot.

I realize there's so much more to the season than just those 13, or 26, games. But this was just a little mental exercise as this day winds on down.

At this point, I strongly believe it's a race between the Braves and the Diamondbacks for that Wild Card. I haven't given up hope for the East title, despite my "Dear Phillies" post below.

just something to think about.

J :P

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I'm still not quite ready to say goodbye to the Rockies. That team is just way too talented to have played as average as they have this year.

I am ...fan567. Rockies are 7 games under. 'Zona has winning records on the road and at home. But I'll keep an eye on Colorado. Still a long way to go and the standings could change drastically.


P.S. I sure would feel 'mo better with a five-game lead instead of three.

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