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UDFA that will make the team...

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Well there are 22 of them,

there are at least 3 openings on the PS (Valdez, Bruggeman, James) cannot go back

so we can assume 3 of them might make it.

there are 3 WRs on the PS so some of them might loose out to some of the new WRs

Waterswky may beat out one of the 2 TEs on the PS

One of the 2 LS UDFAs might beat out Zelenke for the LS job.

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I remember reading that the Falcons signed him to be a TE not a DE

Am I wrong?

He played both positions in college, but I thought he fit much better at DE. I also feel like we have more of a need there than at TE, but with Gonzalez getting ready to retire, I suppose maybe we'll give him a shot there. Either way, I like his chances to at least sneak onto the Practice Squad.

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I know it is a long shot, but I am very familiar with KTripp from my Dawgs, he was swapped around from one position to another during his career, he had a couple of injuries that limited him, he is very smart and a very team oriented type guy that fits right in with what we are trying to do, he was at the top of the most all around athletic guy's on the Dawgs every year, if not the most athletic, jack of all trades, with time and good coaching could end up being real good imo

What I would love to see is him go to the practice squad as an offensive tackle, learn the system under some good coaching, and I think this guy could succeed, would be the most athletic ot

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