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Enough with all the DE talk...


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Listen, we all know we would like an upgrade at DE with Abe on his way out and our lack of consistency from the LE spot. It's obvious, but with how weak this FA class is at DE, I don't see us grabbing one. It'll be too risky. Outside of Edwards, everybody else is either too old, a RFA, or is recovering from injury...and they're all asking for more than what they're worth! If we do indeed grab one, good, but I won't hold my breath. I say we focus on re-signing our own FAs and improving our secondary. During the playoff game, we brought the heat...so much some of us were astonished at how good our defense was looking. We just couldn't finish. The result: the secondary getting lit up by a hot QB. Missed tackles are basic fundamentals that can be improved. Look, I know we all want to see TD make his yearly FA splash, but don't be surprised if he doesn't even come near the pool.

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