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Needs Remaining Heading into the Season

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As our draft move indicates we're clearly looking to make a Superbowl run this season and in the future. As I see it, heading into the season there are 2 primary remaining needs.

1. Improve the pass rush. We'll probably carry 5 DEs, I only see Abe and Biermann as locks. We need to add pass rushers. Signing Johnson or Edwards would be ideal but there are other pass rushers we can add.

2. Figure out the OL situation. Our 3 best OL are FAs. I see Blalock as the most likely to be resigned due to age and draft status, then Clabo due to position. My only concern with resigning Clabo and Dahl are age.

There are other less important issues as well.

3. RB/TE. Beyond the OL situation the only things the O are missing at this point are a receiving RB (Rodgers is hoped to fill that spot but unproven) with Snelling a FA, and a secondary receiving TE to allow us to run 2 TE sets with 2 receiving TE threats. Another TE is more of a luxury but we need an answer at receiving RB before the season starts.

4. LOLB/CB. Nicholas is a FA, Peterson might be able to fill in but is not a long term answer due to age, Adkins and Dent may get a chance to compete for that spot if no one is signed. At the nickel spot Owens wasnt the answer in the playoffs and at the moment he and Franks are the competition for the nickel spot. Id see bringing in a vet to compete for the nckel as a wise move.

How TD and Smith proceed here will be interesting to watch. TD likes to build through the draft but has no problem making a FA splash and typically knows what hes doing when he gets a player with years of NFL film on them. When Ryan was drafted, Turner was brought in to be the workhorse that Ryan rode to success. Ryan is now an experienced young QB and Turner is approaching is 30's. The drafting of Jones would seem to indicate a progression toward a primarily aerial attack. Also the OL has been mostly neglected in terms of high picks and big FAs under TD but with 3 starters FAs its decision time. Im sure TD would like to built a talented young OL to grow up with Ryan, and I know hed rather do it through the draft, which might not be realistic right now.

Looking at the potential replacements for FA's might indicate our moves


Blalock-Johnson, Jackson, Hawley

Dahl-Johnson, Jackson, Hawley

Clabo-Reynolds, Johnson

Nicholas-Peterson, Adkins, Dent

Rodgers is an unknown so TD might not be comfortable with him as the only answer if Snelling walks. We've spent some midround picks on OL under TD Reynolds OT 5th 2009, Johnson G 3rd 2010, Hawley C/G 4th 2010, Jackson G 7th 2011. In a perfect world we could resign Blalock, Reynolds or Johnson could step in at RT and Johnson or Hawley could step in at RG. If they're not ready we might need to resign Clabo or step out into the market which is small at OT. At LB it would be ideal if Adkins or Dent could step in but there are many LBs on the market.

If I were TD I'd look to add a premium pass rusher, failing that a couple young ones with potential, resign Blalock and if the young guys cant step up resign Clabo or target a guy like Gaither. If Snelling walks Id target a RB like Addai or Sproles if possible which would be huge for Ryan and take pressure off the OL situation. Then if Nicholas walks and a young guy cant step up target a LB for cheap and try to add a depth CB vet as well, then fill out the rest of the roster with UDFAs and other young players to see if any gems show up.

Next Ill post some players Id target if I was TD

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Players I would target in FA


Charles Johnson/Ray Edwards-Johnson may have more upside but is a 1 year wonder so far, Edwards is more proven but hasnt hit double digit sacks yet. Either would be a big score.

Mathias Kiwanuka-Has played 4-3 LB due to crowded DE spot in NY, but is at his best rushing the passer and was having a big year last year before a neck injury. Could be just as good as Johnson or Edwards if healthy.

Andre Carter-This might be a good under the radar signing.Only problem is he's 32. He was miscast as an OLB in the 3-4 recently. Built similiar to Abe an experienced athletic pass rusher who would be a good fit.

Jacob Ford-This may be a good buy low prospect. We need pass rushers and Ford gets sacks and has acceleration. He has room to add size to his frame and could improve technique working with Abe.

Mark Anderson-Had double digit sacks as a rookie, has the acceleration we're looking for, maybe could revitalize career.

Tim Crowder-A young player dont know much about him. Supposedly has good burst.

Antwan Barnes-A young player that might have pass rush potential.

Matt Roth-Probably a better fit standing up in a 3-4, a big linemen who gets sacks, but not explosive off the line.

Jason Babin-I'd rather not go after him coming off his best season he's 31 played for many teams and never been consistent. No sense overpaying after 1 good season at his age.

If we can't land Johnson, Edwards or Kiwanuka, it would be good if we could add 2 pass rushers like Carter, Ford, Anderson etc.. DE is our number 1 need. We might have options behind our FAs at OL, but weve only got 2 pass rushers on the roster at the moment.



Jared Gaither-This kid is a monster a 6'9 340 and 25 years old. I believe he missed last season with an injury so durability is a concern. Id be quite happy with him at RT or LT.

Willie Colon-6'3 315 28 years old a power run blocker.


Davin Joseph-6'3 313 27 years old a blue chip run blocker who'd fit right in, durability concerns.

Deuce Lutui-6'4 338 28 years old big run blocker maybe not a fit as a pass protector.

I'm in favor of retaining Blalock and Clabo if necessary, though ideally our young guys are ready to step up. If we do spend on a FA id prefer getting a relatively young players who's going to be around for a while.

Next post RB, TE, LB and CB

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Joseph Addai-Addai has experience in a very complicated passing game as a receiver and a blocker. Durability concerns may be a problem.

Darren Sproles-An explosive option as a receiver, the concern is handing out a big contract to an experienced undersized 28 year old RB. If healthy and still has the burst would certainly add another level of danger to the passing game.

Jerome Harrison-May be an option.

If Snelling can be retained we have a runner to take carries from Turner and a receiving RB if Rodgers doesnt work out. Norwood has the explosive ability but durablity is a big concern and he may walk.


Zach Miller-He might want to come here but we likely wont fork over the dough. A big receiving weapon likely will go elsewhere

Kevin Boss-This might actually fit as Boss is a physical blocker. We could run 2 TE sets with Gonzo split out in the slot, if they play a base D he's working against a LB or S, if they go nickel, he can motion into the formation as a run blocker.

Bo Scaife-Probably not a fit as an underized receiver

Adding a TE is a luxury, we'll add depth and competition surely but I'd rank a big TE signing behind DE, OL RB and probably LB/CB


James Anderson-Stepped in as a starter had a big season

Rocky McIntosh-Probabltiy better off as a 4-3 OLB than a 3-4 ILB in Washington. Would likely compliment Weatherspoon well.

Manny Lawson-Brings a lot of height and speed to the LB position. Can line up as a DE pass rusher or OLB. Production hasnt lived up to upside yet but would bring a lot of athletecism to a D.

Thomas Howard-Relegated to part time duty this is a LB who was robbed of a Pro Bowl berth with a 5 INT season a few years ago. Him and Weatherspoon would make a very nice nickel LB duo when playing teams like NO.

Leroy Hill-Might not make the Falcon filter cut but a good athlete

Quincy Black-Athletic OLB

Justin Durant-Athletic OLB, durablity concerns

Julian Peterson-On the wrong side of 30 but might be able to contribute at OLB and DE

Ernie Sims-Might not have the size to be a starter but could fit as a nickel LB

Clint Session-Undersized OLB

If we let Nicholas walk and we're not convinced Adkins or Dent can fill the role, there are plenty of LBs we can try to snag, with a big market it may be a good year. Ive left MLBs off the list for the most part. There are guys like Anderson, McIntosh and Hill who are solid all around LBs, and there are guys like Lawson and Howard who might appeal for their athletecism in the pass game.

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Josh Wilson-This is an athletic experienced young corner just out of the top tier of corners available. My concern with him is his height at 5'9 with Grimes so short as well. May be too expensive but would be a good signing

Richard Marshall-Hes played a lot of nickel, may want to be paid as a starter

Eric Wright-A young player may sign as a starter elsewhere

Fabian Washington-Needs to gain some weight but a good athlete

Drayton Florence-A vet who may fit as a nickel guy

Phillip Buchannon-A vet we may consider

Kelly Jennings-Has some speed but not very physical

Chris Carr-A vet we may consider

Carlos Rogers-A vet with durability concerns

There are a number of big name FA CBs in this class, then some guys beneath them at the top of this list then there are some guys who should be available cheaper. If we can snag a guy like Fabian Washington that would be ideal

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