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Noel Devine reportedly to sign with Eagles

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Linky here: WVU Illustrated link

Former WVU Quarterback Jarrett Brown proved to be the best source for Devine’s news.

Brown tweeted early Tuesday afternoon, “I just talked to Noel, he said stop spreading rumors, he didn't sign anything with ATL. Don't jump the gun.I gotta tell him to get a Twitter.”

At 6:20 p.m., Brown cleared everything up with this tweet, “Just talked with Noel Devine. He said he's going to Philly.”

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First let me say that I wanted this guy, I loved watching him play college football.


I'm kinda pissed that Noel said we were "begging him to sign" (if true), who the **** does he think he is? Your still an undrafted rookie bro. And even if it's true I don't like you revealing that kind of sh^t just to get leverege on other teams. <_<

If he really is that arrogant I hope he gets a snap when they come to the dome so Lofton can knock him in the chops.

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He might not even make the roster when you look at all the speed they even have. I really hope he gets cut so maybe we can get him.

He's probally a better fit for thier offense but yeah they're just as set at the skills positions as we are. I think in Houston behind Foster and Slaton (lol) would have been a good spot for him.

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