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NFC South Rookie Pay Pool for 2011


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NFC South rookie pool numbers

Pat Y.

Just got the rookie pool numbers for all four NFC South teams and wanted to share them with you before we get too deep into free agency.

Under the new rookie wage scale, each team has a designated amount to spend on its rookies. The formula to come up with that amount is based on the number of picks and where those picks were taken in the draft. Here's the breakdown on the four NFC South clubs.

  • Atlanta: $5,052,827
  • Carolina: $7,132,452
  • New Orleans: $4,578,566
  • Tampa Bay: $4,789,294

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so does this mean rookies will no longer hold out therefore should be in camp on time?

Essentially, yes. I read somewhere that if a rookie does decide to hold out, he loses a certain amount of money everyday.

So we won't have to worry about Jones! I think we would have been in TC, regardless. He's just got that mentality.

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