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Noel Devine to Falcons

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It's a nightmare game planning for these type of guys. You're waiting for Turner to run downhill on you, then all of sudden some lil mf come flying by like a jack rabbit. It's a pain in the a$$ for D coordinators.

yup brady doesnt even throw the ball deep anymore, its all quick pops with yac yards.

imagine splitting rodgers and DEVINE-CI'S CODE in the backfield, unstoppable with gonzo, roddy and julio.

the dc doesnt have enough speed to deal with it.

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The report says the coaching staff like his pass catching ability. Maybe they're bringing him in to compete as a receiver. Extra slot guy in case HD doesn't work out? Imagine the kinds of plays Mularkey will be able to draw up with this crew.

Assuming he ends up making the team.

Interesting concept. I like how you think.

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LOL!!! Until we picked Quizz I wanted him in the 7th, I wanted this guy well before the draft. I just thought our ground game was very slow.

It was very slow. I got tired of Turner's 2 yard carries. In fairness the Falcons thought they would get more out of Norwood. The guy just can't stay healthy.

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he already is.

we will be a woodhead, welker type. they aint gain much size. and they know how to get open and get down.

LOL, he's no Welker type. Woodhead, yes but I don't know. We are going to have to move to what New England is doing if want to play him like Woodhead.

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He's a nice prospect but I think people are overreacting on this one. We needed to have a back we can put on the active roster in case Snelling and Norwood are both gone, I don't think that means the guy's guaranteed to make the team or play a huge role right off the bat. He'd be the third or fourth back if he makes the roster and he'll probably have to contribute on special teams as something other than a returner, he's not going to take Weems's spot just because he's here.

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My link

Falcons to sign undrafted free agents Devine, Winterswyk

Phil Foley

Atlanta Falcons Examiner

The Atlanta Falcons wasted no time dipping their toes in the unrestricted free agent waters.

Atlanta’s football team is poised to sign former West Virginia rusher Noel Devine and Boise State DE/TE Ryan Winterswyk to contracts once they are able to officially do so on Tuesday according to a number of reports.

It will be the first of what is expected to be a flurry of moves for the Falcons, who will officially begin the task of trying to resign 11 of their own free agents, their six draft pick and others before the club’s official first practice on Friday.

Devine was expected to be a late round pick in the draft. But due to his “diminutive” 5-foot-7, 179-pound frame and some conduct issues, the former Mountaineer was on the outside looking in at the draft party.

The Fort Myers, Fla. native will bring an interesting story into camp. According to the National Football Post, Devine has been mentored by former Falcons legend Deion Sanders, who took the kid under his wing six years ago. The pair went to the same high school.

Both of Devine’s parents died of AIDS and Sanders has served as a mentor that has given the rusher both moral and financial support.

Devine was limited by a turf toe injury last year and rushed for just 934 yards in his senior campaign. He rushed for 1,486 yards, notched 13 touchdowns and grabbed another in the air in his junior season.

Winterswyk spent four seasons on the Broncos’ defensive line, amassing 40 or more tackles in each of those campaigns. He had 9.5 sacks in his junior season.

But don’t expect the La Habra, Calif. native to line up alongside John Abraham. He’s going to the Falcons as a tight end. This shouldn’t come as much as a surprise to most hardcore draftniks. The 6-foot-4, 270-pound Winterswyk worked out for the Miami Dolphins and other teams at the tight end position during the draft.

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I remember a lot of posters saying we had to get him in the 2nd or 3rd round :ph34r:

Yeah, funny how that all works out. Guess TD is familiar with this whole "drafting process" after all... whodathunk? :blink:

But wow... if Quizz and Devine can both make the team out of an abbreviated camp, and can produce anything close to their desired impact on the offense, you'll be able to see the fireworks from the Dome in Space.

My gosh, TD wasn't just whistling "Dixie" when he said wanted this offense to become more explosive. I'm blushing at the possibilities. :D

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Devine and Rodgers will be some good competition in camp. Both guys will be lethal on turf. Great work by TD.

Glad Devine chose the Falcons over every other team in the NFL.

I may actually use the preseason tix this year to see these 2 run the rock.

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