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All free agents to hit market at same time

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Man with all these uncertainties swirling around it feels comforting to know the class and character with this team is definitely going to lead to our free agents giving our team a chance to resign them as ive heard about over the off season. I really am confident everything is in good hands.

Sorry i dont have the link. its all over the nfl.com and espn pages.

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Pro Football Talk just posted the time line. It looks like teams can start talkint to RFAs and UFAs tomorrow at 10 am but can't sign any until 6PM Friday, regardless of whether it is their own FAs or not.

They can start signing rookies, both drafted and undrafted, tomorrow.

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If a player really wants to stay in Atlanta and the Falcons want him, then there is no reason for them to talk to anybody else. I do think that between Dahl and Blalock that only one returns. Johnson was a 3rd round pick and I would not be surprised to see him as a starter. It just saves money in the short and near term.

Dahl was extremely good that fist year, but struggled a little lately. Blalock I was high on out of Texas, but I don't think he has been great. I know Tomlin singled him out as a good player last year & he is younger than Dahl. Between those two it would be good to be the first one to sign if they want to stay in Atlanta.

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