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Happy Birthday PHATTYWANKENOBI......

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I haven't logged in all weekend. Been busy at a bachelor's party and getting the football season cranked up with my sons 7 year old team. Thank you everyone so much for the birthday wishes. I'm not that much into cake but I love the one Supes "baked up" and Falken...you ain't right man. :D That is hilarious and might I say I'm looking pretty sexy from the neck down. Tandy I hope to see you at training camp. I'm still praying for your nephew. He is an inspiring young man and something tells me you are the rock for your family. And last but not least to my own nephew. I'm going to get you back when you least expect it. ;) Hopefully you can scramble up here at the last minute and hit the Branch with me this year.

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It's about time you showed up for your own party, dude! :lol:

We ate all the cake. Sorry.

I bet it was good too. Thanks for posting this. My nephew actually called me when I was headed out last night and said you gotta log on you're going to kill me. We got on the party bus and I started to log on with my phone then kind of felt like a nerd going on the message board when we were headed to do let's just say man things for the night so I finally found a moment tonight. My son has a birthday in October and going to see if I can make something similar to this for him.

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