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What would your suggestion be for a Superfan cartoon about the CBA?


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Superfan dressed up like a judge, in a courtroom

While a figure resembling Beavis, That is saying I DEMAND TP FOR MY BUNGHOLE

While another figure resembling and Oil Exec says I DEMAND MORE MONEY

Falco saying, this is gonna be one long case.

^^^ This.

How about DeMaurice Smith standing next to his Lawyer, Rodney Dangerfield.

On the bargining table is a Contract and a Pen next to cups of Gatoraide!

The NFL Lawyer would be Cochran Lawfirm wearing Free OJ.

Falco hammers down the Hick'ry Gavel, OUT of Order ! or Contempt!

Looks like the Smackdown Contest is On :D

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