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Where's Andre Rison? Would he make a good WR's coach?


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Guest Regular Guy

It's a reference to Left Eye burning his house down when he played in Atlanta.

Youngsters........not hip to the old school days :P

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I have my own antecdote to the burning down the house story. My mom worked at Ferrari of Atlanta back then, and not long before dude's house got burned down, Brock brought his Ferrari into the dealership with the windshield busted in and a bunch of dents in the hood and top of the car.

He claimed that a tree had fallen on it, but it looked more like someone had taken a baseball bat to it. I think it was some of Left Eye's work after one of their famous blow ups.

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Oh I'm familiar with the incident, I just wouldn'tuse it as a joke b/c she's no longer here. Not even sure if I use it as some type of sarcasm.

We are all gonna die sometime. She's been dead almost a decade, I think it's safe now to make jokes about her burning down Andre's house.

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