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Add rep # below the users name.


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Sorry if already suggested. I wanted to suggest to the mods if they could add the users rep # below the user name in the forums to help others identify trouble makers or trolls faster.

I think this would help in not feeding the trolls because people might see their rep number and not even bother reading their crap they post to just start trouble.

I realize some of you pay no mind to the rep system, but one thing about it, if someone is a -500 with their rep it tells others right away that they aren't here for nothing but to troll.

I realize you can click on a users name and see their rep, but seeing it in the forums would be more useful.

Another suggestion would be a TROLL ALERT REP meter, in other words if someone's rep say get's to -100 or so, then underneath their user name it says "TROLL ALERT", and that user get's an automatic IP ban for 1 week automatically. 1 week per every -100, if they come back and hit -200 then it's 2 weeks, when they reach -500 then it should be a lifetime IP ban. It would allow some of us users who actually use the forums productively to actively assist the moderators in taking out the trash so to speak.

I would also like to suggest that new users should not have the ability to give someone a +1 or -1 on the rep system until they have made 100 replies, same as starting a post ability goes now. This would prevent troll attacks if you ever implement a Troll Alert REP Meter type of setup.

Until you have proven you are a legit member and here to chat with others productively you shouldn't have the ability to + or - a users rep. Just my opinion.

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