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Check Out Roddy's Podcast on ESPN

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Man im at work so can't listen to it any chance of a recap?

I'd have to listen again....but he gaga over JJ. He thinks the WR corp will be himself, JJ, Jenkins, HD and Gonzo. He was specifically asked if MJ would be around - and talked about it for a while and ended with what I explained previously....but I'm leaving work now so I can't recap. I'm sure someone will before I make it home.

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Guest mashburn

Did anyone see that sports nation just said 42% think roddy will lead the fantasy again.

He was asked about julio, but this time they asked him how he felt about julio may steal some of his catches. Roddy agreed but said he will still do amazing.

It is good to see roddy being so happy about the addition of julio.

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Is this the one where he says the Falcons only have 12-15 plays?

Yes...but they are ran out of 40 or 50 sets. This offense was being compared to Walsh's West Coast based on the 15 or 16 plays ran from 40 or so sets. If you go back a little, I've posted both interview. One of which talks about the 15 or 16 plays.

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