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a technical question

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I am a fan. I know me some football.

But then I'm not really into those gritty

details (TECH, BIZ, whatever).

So many on these boards

want to get deep into things

I just leave to Thomas D, and Coach MIKE

the other day I said to somebody here

"Don't need no free agents unless somebody

IS a REAL bargain." Come on say a position,

came the reply. I said Running Back

today I have a name - Marion Barber

CowGirls could set him free.

Take it easy; I'm not up

to the question yet.

Stay wit me.

I like Snelling and Turner and J. Rogers,

so if you had them plus Barber in camp

but only wanted to keep three of the four,

WOULD THEY REALLY Be competing or

would those contracts be,what should

I say, TOO GOOD? TOO tight???

Is camp at all competitive anymore for

anybody other than rookie free agents

(we don't need more than 1 or 2)?

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okay; maybe I wasn't clear

you're goin' out for football

in high school. They only

have 3 roster spots

for your position - RB

You are judged on speed and breaking

tackles and stuff like that, and you

MAKE the team. "Does "making the team"

mean anything in the pros ???

Don't most cuts come because

a player's performance in the season

just past proved he wasn't worth his contract?

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JJ is on stater money, and will start accordingly

Quizz is unproven, a low pick, and will therefore be on a min deal.

Barber was in a split backfield where carries were shared between backs. He wouldn't of hit incentives in his contract because of this, and wouldn't have cost as much to carry.

Now he is an FA he will command signing bonuses etc, and would no longer have the worth that the Cowgirls would be looking for.

Turner was a bonafide starter.

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Guest mashburn


thats a understatement for this thread.

what the heck is this guy on? Cause I want to stay far away as much as possible.

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I think I read this question: Are the pro-level players competing for a position or is it just based on money?

The answer is yes. They do compete. While some high pick players with high dollar contracts will get preference, there is still plenty of competition mostly in pre-season.

Players come to team tryouts all the time trying to make the roster, but the teams can only start with 80 players on the roster, so there is your first wave of heavy competition. When they have agreed to deals with 80 of those players, they take these players through the OTA's, training camp and the first 3 preseason games. By the 4th preseason game or Sept.1 - they have to trim the roster to 75 players and after that - by Sept. 5th - they have to have the roster down to 53 men on the roster. They also have 8 practice squad players - but those guys can't play in the games unless they are activated to the 53 man roster.

The competition is fierce, especially among the "second tier" players - but make no mistake - every man out there must perform or they will be replaced by someone competing in the wings - or an outside source if the competition is not the right replacement.

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