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Who do you think would make good trade bait right about now and why?


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The problem with going deep to Jenkins is that Ryan HAS to put it on his numbers or he won't go up and get it. I know you watched the Pro Bowl when Ryan threw to Fitz and he was so impressed that he went up and jumped for the ball instead of waiting for it. That's just what good WRs do. Jenkins waits for the ball and this gives the cb time to make a play on it.

For Ryan to go deep to Jenkins and be comfortable, Jenkins needs at least 2 steps on the CB to give Ryan room for error. If not, take the safe first down and look for Roddy later.

Watch how many attempts Julio gets deep while running the same routes Jenkins had.

Exactly! Hit the nail square on the head with this analysis. Good post!

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Here is a list of FA WRs that will be available without giving up a draft pick:

Randy Moss

Sidney Rice

Santonio Holmes

Braylen Edwards

Malcolm Floyd

Steve Smith (NYG)

Terrell Owens

James Jones

Steve Breaston

Lance Moore

Mike Sims-Walker

Jacoby Jones

Kevin Curtis

Santana Moss

Nobody is giving up a draft pick for Michael Jenkins. There are a ton of guys better than him available who won't cost a draft pick and will require less salary as well.

Doing home work pays off. You get an A+

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