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You could just about throw the whole Bond series in there:

Octopussy in my pants.

Goldfinger in my pants.

Goldeneye in my pants.

You Only Live Twice in my pants.

For Your Eyes Only in my pants.

The World is Not Enough in my pants.

Live and Let Die in my pants.

The Spy Who Loved Me in my pants.


Saving Private Ryan in my pants.

The Lovely Bones in my pants.

I Know What You Did Last Summer in my pants.

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Killer Clowns from Outer Space....in my pants.

Mars Attacks...in my pants.

The Englishmen who went up a hill but came down a mountain...in my pants.

Full Metal Jacket...in my pants.

Talk to me...in my pants.

Cocktail...in my pants.

Looking for Mr. Goodbar...in my pants.

Destroy all Monsters...in my pants.

Weekend at Bernie's...in my pants.

Blue Steel...in my pants.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind...in my pants.

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When Harry met Sally in my pants.

Home Alone in my pants.

Some like it hot in my pants

Cheech and Chongs Up in Smoke in my pants

Oh God in my pants

The Litte Mermaid in my pants

Clash of the Titans in my pants

Kung Foo panda in my pants

Planes, trains & automobiles in my pants

Look who's talking in my pants

Labyrinth in my pants

Night shift in my pants

The never ending story in my pants

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Thelma and Louise in my pants

Look Who's Talking in my pants

The Green Mile in my pants

The Empire Strikes Back in my pants

Spaceballs in my pants

The Muppets Take Manhatten in my pants

Heat in my pants

Fast Times at Rigmont high in my pants

Back to School in my pants

Iron Eagle in my pants

The Doors in my pants

JFK in my pants :huh:

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