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Turning the Corner

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Falcons wide receiver Kerry Meier missed nearly his entire rookie season after being placed on injured reserve during the preseason last year, and he’s been busy this offseason in preparation for what he hopes will be a much more productive and healthy second season on the Falcons roster

During training camp last season, fifth-round selection during the 2010 Draft Kerry Meier displayed an awesome amount of potential and promise. Battling for a roster spot at a very crowded position during camp, Meier was a model of consistency. In fact, I think we kept track and Meier didn’t drop a pass during practice until the second or third week of camp.

Pretty amazing. But Meier’s season was cut short after injuring his knee during a preseason game against New England and was subsequently placed on injured reserve, thus bringing his rookie year to a premature end.

With plenty of time to rehab, Meier recently told the Kansas City Star that he’s almost back to 100 percent and he feels like he’s rounding the corner.

That’s great news that comes at a perfect time. But Meier will again be forced to battle for his spot. With the Falcons selecting wide receiver Julio Jones in the 2011 Draft, things could get interesting on the depth chart at the position.

At the start of camp, the roster will include Roddy White, Michael Jenkins, Harry Douglas, Eric Weems, Julio Jones and Meier. Add in members of last year’s practice squad Brandyn Harvey and Tim Buckley and that’s a lot of players vying for just a few spots.

This is one roster battle we’ll be keeping a close eye on.

The Kansas City Star also talks a bit about the community work Meier has been putting in during the offseason. It’s a great read, so I highly recommend checking it out.


Passing game should be scary great!

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Pass protection is going to be the key, but yes we are very young and talented at wr.

I don't think pass protection will be that much of a problem. Over the last couple of years it appears we have been preparing for this moment. If we just keep one of our OL free agency we should be pretty good. Hawley, Johnson and Reynolds I suspect are now ready to take over.

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