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Before the Devil knows you're dead is good too.

But word to the wise, for the first 5 to 10 seconds of the opening scene, hold up your right hand and block some of the TV, and then at about 20 seconds, switch to your left hand.


Why you want to deprive people of a sweaty naked Phillip Seymour Hoffman?

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So wtf is up with the dude?

Well now that is a deep philosophical question that would take hours to explain, but I'll see if I can keep it succinct.

Because he has no short term memory, he can never quench his thirst for revenge on the attack of his wife. In this particular episode of his effed up life, he intentionally makes himself believe that "Teddy" AKA John Gammel...wait....I'm about to mess it up for people who haven't seen it.....never mind.

Let's go with "He has issues".

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Watching it in order is a terrible idea. Watch it again, just pay close attention. You can't be surfing the internet, texting, getting a hummer from a tranny, etc . . . while watching it. If you still don't understand it, google it, I'm sure people have taken the time to write out written explanations of it.

Another movie that takes place in reverse, similar to Memento, is a recent French revenge thriller called Irreversible. It doesn't jump around quite as much as Memento, it pretty much takes place in straight reverse chronological order. It's about a woman that is brutally raped, and then two guys (I guess her friends, I didn't finish it, more on that in a second) try to find the guys who did it. The rape scene is supposed to be towards the end of the movie, and is supposed to be really hard to watch. I didn't make it that far. About 30 minutes in was the most stomach-churning, revolting depiction of violence I've ever seen on film. I have a strong stomach and usually love onscreen violence, blood and guts. But this scene made me sick to my stomach. I shut the movie off afterwards. I don't know how they filmed it, the camera angle never changes and there are cutaways.

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Gone Baby Gone and The Town.

The only reason I list them is because of how many people like to crap on Ben Affleck for reasons I've never truly understood. I mean yeah Gigli happened and it sucked, but lets move on.

He directs both and stars in The Town, and both of them in my opinion are fantastic movies. If you haven't seen them, I highly recommend them.

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