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The first one that comes to mind for me was "Hustle & Flow". I was convinced that movie would be a hot steamy pile but was really surprised how much I enjoyed it.

Yeah, I expected the same. I like to keep an open mind going into movies and also try to hinder my expectations to avoid let down.

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Guest Regular Guy

Gran Torino. The acting was bad in a lot of it but I thought Clint played his character to the tee. I liked how he overcame his prejudice and did a noble act to help Sue and her family, heart warming. Oh, and that car WAS cool!

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Blazing Saddles

The best 'ism comedy movie ever made. No subject was off limit.. blacks, whites, women, foreigners, old people, handicap, etc. First time I had ever seen someone temporary passed out, piss and crapped on themselves all at the same time from laughing so hard.


If you have never seen it do yourself a favor and check it out. Classic 70's movie.

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