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While we have some "down time"....

E. T.

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Can we get the messege board system upgraded so that it will allow a bunch of fans to be logged on at the same time....everyone knows what im talking about. Its fustrating, especially after a big win and you wanna talk about it with all of the falcon nation and you cant because the site is full.

Anybody with me? Mods....if you can pin this so it will be like a petition, that would be great!

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Guest mashburn

I wish they would delete some post people make. I am refering to when we are talking about Julio Jones and a troll comes in saying how amazing brees or rodgers is, and the next thing is that whole subject is ruined.

I am ok with having trolls, but I hate it when they ruin a new thread that has nothing to do with what they have to say.

they should fix that. at least they could listen to us and agree and delete that post.

again I want to mention the neg system is stupid, they should use it or get rid of it.

I also think they have been working to fix lag times after a game or draft picks. because now they limit to how fast you can post something after another post.

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