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I have come to believe that neither side would like a CBA

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Seriously... They have had two years to iron out an agreement, instead they want to wait and start bargaining in the last few months before the season suppose to start. They have got the courts involved, player suits, old player suits. Now they are fretting because a judge who mediates the sessions is going on vacation. Seems like they are finding every kind of excuse not to reach a deal. Fact is, they dont need no judge to mediate the sessions, if they wanted to reach a deal they would be spending 12 hours a day, 7 days a week to bang out an agreement. They would all sign an agreement that no one leaves until a deal is reached, but yet they only want to meet a couple of days a week, and take 4 or 5 days off. I think its all BS, and I am about tired of it. The rookie wage scale is supposed to be the last sticking point, and yet it should be the easiest one to agree on. Fact is so many agents are in bed with the NFLPA, they know a rookie wage scale would thin their pockets a little.

If I was a vet, and my season was in jeopardy because of players who are not even in the league yet, would severely pi$$ me off

Thanks for listening

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