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No Progress Yesterday

Guest Gritz

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This is the owner's lockout. The players have done nothing but repeatedly concede to their terms.They've agreed to take less share, a more fair way to assess that share, as opposed to money off the top. The owners are forcing their way with the right of first refusal BS, and trying to play around with share percentages with accounting tricks, proving that all of their previous offers were disingenuous. Progress stalled when the owners won in court. Maybe that's circumstantial evidence, but still the same.

The lockout will always be on the owners, they have the keys, and are the only ones that can stop it. The 8th's ruling only reaffirms it.

I cannot believe, with all the progress made, that you want to go back in time and argue about this.

having said that, I find it ironic that you are whining about a delay - blaming said delay on the owners - and then citing a "court ruling" as cause of delay.

just drippin' with irony... ;)

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