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Xbox gamercard is the future

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I put my gamer tag name in this website

My link

and they produced this


:o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o

Its pretty acurate with my last 5 games played too(Fifa 11, Michael Jackson experience, 2010 fifa world cup, call of duty, and red dead). This is pretty hardcore.

Um this is nothing new. This is mainly for your sig on your profile. Nothing really jaw dropping. There is one website that creates a gamer card and has your avatar beside it

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Guest King Shot

Hey, I just grabbed a old school boombox off eBay for $5. I hope it works

Boombox is old-school dude get with the times. Walkman is the way to go now.

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What is this eBay you speak of?

It is a virtual store on the world wide web that patrons such as you and I can engage in a little act called "virtual shopping". Technology is really on the rise these days. Hey, have you heard about those new HDTV's they are about to release. I wonder what the HD stands for.

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