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FA signing that improves

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I keep hearing aso and reading that people are happy with both of our corners. Why not sign Michael huff and start him over devoid. Decoud was ok and not a real play maker. I think huff improves our secondary and gives us a great safety duo for years to come. Thoughts? Oh and I have no idea how much he'll want, and think a defensive end is a bigger priority but at the right price it seems good on paper.

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2 things

1. We dont need a starting Safety... I like Huff but if it took Huff 4 or 5 years to get it... Why would you give up on a young safety that has only started 2 seasons and have shown promise.

2. Huff is going to most likely get some good money as a FA ... He is the top FA Safety

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Joe Lefeged

SS, Rutgers

6-foot-1, 205 pounds

Scouting Reports

From the National Football Post:

Possesses a decent overall frame for the position, but isn't overly instinctive when asked to read his run/pass keys and doesn't seem to crave contact in the run game. Never seems to find the football quickly and is slow to attack the line of scrimmage downhill. However, is a decent tackler who does a nice job using his length to wrap up on contact and can generate some real force when he picks up a head of steam. Nevertheless, he lacks range and will see his angles get outpaced at times even at the college level when working in pursuit.

Possesses decent range in his drop and gets good depth initially out of his stance, but struggles to maintain his balance through his back-pedal and struggles to quickly change directions. Has a tendency to bite on play fakes and isn't overly disciplined when asked to play the deep half. Struggles get back out of his breaks when asked to turn and run and simply lacks range sideline-to-sideline. However, he does exhibit some savvy as a blitzer, timing up blocks inside and exploding through daylight from the secondary.

Impression: Will flash here and there, but lacks the kind of range and instincts needed to be trusted to play in an NFL secondary.

From FF Toolbox:

Lefeged is a little undersized for a traditional safety in the NFL. He is not the fastest guy around either, but he simply gets the job done in every possible way. At best Lefeged is a mid-round draft pick, but some team will get a great special teams player and a versatile safety who could work his way into a starting role with a little experience.

Positives: Has great backfield awareness to read and react to play-action instantly. Plays on the balls of his feet. Fills running lanes hard and with urgency from the secondary. Runs with good balance and agility. Fights his way through traffic in run support or when blitzing. Breaks down well and stays patient when handling cutback moves. Excellent tackler. Attacks the ball carrier aggressively. Can make plays at the line of scrimmage. Wraps up ballcarriers' lower body and takes him to the ground. Hard hitter. Will throw his body into piles. Reads the quarterbacks eyes well and reacts quickly to the throw. Flips his hips quickly in coverage. Has a knack for being in the right place at the right time. Fights hard until the whistle is blown.

Negatives: Very limited experience in pass coverage. Takes poor angles in pursuit. Uncomfortable making plays outside the box and is generally ineffective playing in space. Plays out of control and can run himself out of the play. Struggles to shed blocks from offensive linemen. Does not disguise his blitzes well and allows the quarterback to make adjustments to him before the snap. Needs to mix up pass-rush moves when blitzing from the edge. Does not square his shoulders, dives at ballcarriers' ankles and falls for head fakes in the open field. Occasionally leads with his shoulder instead of wrapping up. Does not have the ability to make people miss as a return man.

I'd like to see him as a situational zone nickel. His in the box instincts are very good and he is a good blitzer. I say situational because only in zone situations. As a safety, I know his man skills won't be that good but he would be good in the hook curl flat (linebacker's normal zone). Not far to go and can blitz from there. He could back up Moore while Schillinger backs up DeCoud.

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Or even Deandre McDaniel


Read & React: Very good diagnosis skills. Is allowed some flexibility to roam in this defense and shows very good diagnosis skills. Flies up to support the run, showing the ability to shoot the gap and make plays behind the line of scrimmage. Can be initially fooled by play-action, but shows very good brakes, as well as the agility to turn and quick acceleration to recover quickly. Shows very good route-recognition due to his time in the film-room. Is seemingly always around the ball.

Man Coverage: Asked to drop down and cover the slot receiver, at times, in this defense. Quick feet, good balance and surprising acceleration for the safety position. Doesn't change directions fluidly due to stiff hips, but accelerates quickly out his breaks and has good straight-line speed. As a result he is able to generate a late burst to close as the ball is in flight. Quick, active hands to bat away or intercept the pass.

Zone Coverage: A bit high in his backpedal, but generates good depth on his initial drop. Good lateral agility and gains speed quickly when changing directions. Does a nice job of recognizing routes and drifting laterally to remain in between the quarterback and his assignment. Reacts quickly to the thrown pass. Looks to help out his teammates.

Closing/Recovery: Good instincts, speed and a late burst as the ball is in flight make this one of his stronger areas. Locates the ball quickly and will abandon his prior assignment quickly once he sees the ball is headed elsewhere. Puts himself in position to be the fortunate teammate for a fumble recovery or tipped interception. High-points the ball, showing an impressive vertical jump and good timing.

Run Support: His experience as a linebacker/safety hybrid shows in his comfort near the line of scrimmage. Shows very good vision to locate the football when in traffic, as well as the balance and agility to keep his feet through the trash. Good speed and pursuit angles when shooting gaps downhill or in pursuit. Plays good team defense - is willing to break outside to the sideline to keep contain, funneling the ball-carrier back towards the rest of the defense.

Tackling: A reliable open-field tackler, who demonstrates shows some creativity in how he gets the ball-carrier to the ground. Likes to supply the big hit to intimidate his opponent. Willing to drop his shoulder and explode into the ball-carrier, creating some big hits. Generates some explosiveness as a wrap-up hitter, as well, opting to throw the ball-carrier to the ground, at times. Shows no hesitancy in taking on bigger ball-carriers.

Intangibles: Had a rough childhood and had to do some real maturing while at Clemson … Was raised by his grandmother and godmother … Has little contact with his biological parents. His mother, reportedly, has been arrested over 50 times … Was charged with high and aggravated assault on his former girlfriend in 2008. Accepted a pre-trial intervention and community service … Has since matured into an Honor Roll student and team captain. In 2009, he won a Vickery Hall award for academic improvement, earning a 3.25 GPA in the first semester and 3.0 in the second, and was named to the 2009-10 ACC Academic Honor Roll. Majoring in Sociology and will graduate in the winter of 2010 … Routinely spends extra hours on his own in the film-room during the season.

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We all have different opinions on what FA we should aquire and a lot of you have valid points. I wish we could fill every position we need to improve in but we know that's not going to happen, at least not all in one year. I've read a few post that are against us aquiring Aso mainly because he'll cost too much money which I totally agree with. Then there those who say we don't need him because we need a DE, point taken. Then I read something that I've been saying for a while now. We have a lot of young developing players on our defensive line some who haven't even had the oppurtunity to prove themselves other than trainning camp and preseason. We drafted another DE this year which could turn out to be our diamond in the ruff we don't know. We still have Kroy and Sid also and a lot young interior defensive linemen also. We drafted them shouldn't they at least get chance to see if they can develop before we start aquiring other players to replace them. In our secondary though, we need all the help we can get. We have Duntae, Grimes, Moore, DeCoud, Franks, Owens, and probably some others that I can't think of at the moment. Now you're telling me that adding Aso wouldn't be a huge upgrade. Aso, Duntae, Moore, and DeCoud starting with Grimes being our NB and backup corner and Franks being our 4th DB and Owens can continue to do what he does best special teams. Like I stated before Grimes would see more playing time then you think because a lot teams like to run a 3 to 4 wide reciever set. This will at least give us a chance to try to develop our young d-linemen and see who needs to stay and who needs to go. But if we can't get Aso than a DE should be what we try to aquire in free agency.

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