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Is Brett Favre thinking comeback? Again?


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Brett Favre is getting that itch again.

Rumors around the NFL are that the old man is once again considering suiting up for another season. That itch that he is feeling is probably being mistaken for aches and pains and he should listen to that and not his “youthful” mind.

If Favre does decide to un-retire (yet again) it would be for his 21st season but the years have finally taken a toll health-wise.

Last season Favre had a rough going. Before the season, he had surgery to repair his injured ankle suffered in the 2010 NFC Championship game.

Then midway through the year he sustained a sprain of the AC joint in his throwing shoulder. That injury halted his record of 297 consecutive regular season games in which he started.

After Favre recovered from that injury, he suffered a concussion, subsequently ending his season. After the season ended, he once again announced retirement and officially filed his papers on January 17.

However, this time around no team is going to fly their private jet down Mississippi to convince him to play for their squad. There is not a logical place for him to go now that the Minnesota Vikings drafted Christian Ponder.

It would be foolish for Minnesota to bring him back just to groom Ponder. What the Vikings first rounder needs is to get game time and not just practice time.

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You got me. I'd guess the same as RC, but hey, I only have 600 of odd posts. Ask Rev.

You know, I was pretty pleased with a reputation of +16 so soon since coming here, but now I am back down to 15 because of that neg and that bothers me to no end...

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