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No. 4 Steve Bartkowski vs. No. 13 Gerald Riggs

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Riggs was a War Horse,

Bart,,,? yeah we all Love Bart, but from other post on this Forum, are we going to call Bart Injury Prone

or just a dummy who took on Linebackers and DT's head on early in his Career?

So with that Said, I am going to sit back and read some comments before I vote.

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As someone that was born in the late 70's, my earliest memories of the Falcons are from the 80's. The only player that I remember from that time is Bartkowski - he WAS the Falcons to me. For that reason, he got my vote.

One of these days I'll actually get around to buying my #10 jersey.

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Think back, when you think of the Falcons in the 80's who's name is the first you think of? Bartkowski. Riggs isn't even the first RB I think of when I think of the Falcons in the 80s. I like both guys, but going with my heart, I have to vote for Bart.

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