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Is there any excuse for this team not to have playoff success this year


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  1. 1. Is there any valid excuse

    • anything less then playoff win this year will be a huge dissapointment
    • No its parts of the process of racking up regular season wins.

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I have not really heard a lot about the process lately from TD. Since the draft it has been. "moves are being made to put us over the top now" (paraphrasing of course)....

You will hear no more about the process from me as a falcon fan at this point. going into last year, winning record, but just above .500 yes, we still had a ways to go. 13-3 as last season, i would say that we have somewhat arrived as if not the class of the NFC, somewhere close to it.

It is now our time. not saying we will go on a run like Indy and win like 10 straight division titles... that would just be crazy. I do think baring injuries of disasterous proportion other teams should get used to seeing us near the top of the conference every year....

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Yes I will be disappointed if they Falcons don't get a win in the playoffs, but I'm not going to be just satisfied with a playoff win. I also understand a good season does not guarantee playoff wins.

The "Any Given Sunday" rule still applies in the playoffs, its just that its win or go home. If its not in the cards and we just don't have it that day, I can't complain. Its one thing to be flat and not play well vs. just coming up short.

Both attempts it seemed that there were bad things that just happened. Penetration (offsides) and defenders in the backfield before Turner can get the ball at Arizona. Jenkins slipping in the end zone which leads to a pick against Green Bay. Those kind of things happen in football, they just happened at the worst possible time for us.

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