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What Was The Worst Movie You Have Ever Seen?

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...not because I didn't like the movie but dammit with the name of the title, the picture of Dolly on the cover and the fact I was around 11 at the time... I thought I had gain access to a porn movie and at least I would see those huge knockers... WRONG!!


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A remake of the movie is currently in the works, with Samuel L. Jackson assuming the role of Sho'nuff. John Davis of Davis Entertainment and Gordy's son Kerry Gordy, along with the RZA are set to produce. Penning the screenplay as well as producing is Dallas Jackson, who heads up the urban family label DJ Classicz with Davis.[4]

It's on imdbPRO too (I don't have that). <_<

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I almost negged you for that...

Until you realized he was right?

Is it in any way possible to physically and emotionally get any worse than having Reeves, Swayze, and Busey in the same movie? FFS, it's a miracle mother nature didn't just say, "You know what, **** these people, they're just mocking me" and destroy our whole planet.

At least it would have saved us from Point Break.

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... what? they're remaking that classic? REALLY?


Just wait. There's a certain movie studio out there that is on the verge of announcing remakes for both Back to the Future and Jurassic Park.

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Signs was his best work, followed by the Village, despite popular opinion and my initial reaction, it's a good flick. I really didn't like it the first time I watched, second time I thought it was great.

You thought those two were better than The 6th Sense? I thought it was a masterpiece, then Unbreakable was good, and Signs was OK, and the Village was pretty bad, and unlike most everyone else, I just decided to cut my losses there and not watch anymore of his movies, cause I could see where it was headed.

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