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What Was The Worst Movie You Have Ever Seen?

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For me it was, "For Colored Girls"

My wife had me watching that and I'm still not completely over it. The poetry was just over the top and the scenes automatically made me wonder about the writer and her physical condition. I know that it was a Tyler Perry film but it was based on a play by a lady with a long and sad story.

What was yours?

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The Room is pretty bad, but in a way that is really hilarious and quite fascinating. It at least holds my attention.

My LEAST FAVORITE (different from worst) film is Evan Almighty. Gah that movie irritated me. I HATE Wanda Sykes.

That movie was so ridiculous until it was funny. Obnoxious is the key word there.

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The Room might be the worst depending on whether you call it the worst attempt at drama in history or a really oddball comedy.

The worst movie I ever saw that was definitely what it appeared to be was Jason X. The series had long since become a parody of itself but that one was so bad and so over the top that it couldn't even be considered self-aware.

My most hated movie is Signs. The ending was a nutless twist, a hollow copout and a crowbar to the kidneys all at once, as if to punish you for sitting through it.

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napoleon dynamite. Worlds worse comedy.

Heil No!!!

Soul Plane is world's worst comedy! It was 90 minutes worth of sterotypes, with no punchline and story... well eff a story rolled into one big pile of steaming dog shyte!

Even the actors are ashamed to admit that they did that film.


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