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I Don't Come Here Often But I'm Here Now


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How bout them Braves?

I mean seriously.

Three or four game lead on the wildcard and creepin up on them Phillies.

Top five major league team.

Coming off a playoff run. Best pitching in baseball.

Just wait til they start hitting the ball. (hopefully they'll start hitting). :unsure:

NFL lock out. NBA lock out. Go Braves.

I think they will make some noise this year.

Anybody agree? Chime in now if you do.

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The Braves now have the exact same record after 83 games as they did 1 year ago. 48-35. I'll take it! :) If it weren't for the Sillies the Braves would have the best record in the NL. Just wait till them boys start hitting. Hopefully tonight was the start of hot streaks for Jordan and Heyward to get the offense clicking in front of McCann and Chipper. And I don't know if it's just my opinion or if someone can find numbers to back this up but the last 2 years it seems to me that the offense works better when McCann is hitting 3rd with Chipper back in 4th than it does the other way around. I love seeing Mac bat in the 1st inning.

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