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God I'm begging you... PLEASE end this lockout NOW!

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So I live all the way up here in Rhode Island. And since I started working in High School I've been a road warrior up here for the Falcons. Went to the Patriots game up here, the Jets game despite a blizzard, the Giants game, and the Pittsburgh game last year. But all last summer and this summer I've been working 60 hours a week to save up to go down to Atlanta for a football game. I have to work this much because I pay for school, my car, my cell phone bill, clothes, food, etc. Well last week I finally reached 1500 bucks. Which was my goal. I promised a friend of mine I'd pay for him to join because he's a huge football fan as well, and it'd be stupid by myself. (A Bills fan no less.. so I've converted him to a Falcons fan recently so he can win something).

Anyways, I found amazing tickets on the 50 yard line 3rd row for the Sunday night Green Bay game.. not only that but a great deal on tickets for us to fly down and get back up here, plus Friday-Sunday night in a wicked nice hotel in downtown Atlanta.

HOWEVER! I do not want to go spending 1400 bucks on tickets and flight/hotel until this **** thing is officially over!! I'm not a religious person at all but God please freaking end this thing so I can grab all this stuff before it's gone!! Who here is praying with me? Anyone here planning on going to that same game?

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