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Stephen Nicolas

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Stephen Nicholas - LB - Falcons

Free agent LB Stephen Nicholas now says there is a "big" chance he'll end up re-signing with the Falcons.

"We just want to see what's out there, I'm pretty sure they respect that," Nicholas said. "They're a great organization. They definitely want the best for me." One of the better 4-3 coverage linebackers last season, Nicholas has been connected to the Broncos, Lions, and Jaguars this offseason.

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I would go so far as to say we need Nicholas. if we were able to keep Nicholas, sign a good FA DE, and if BVG continues to use a DB to blitz, our defense could be sick. B. Williams should have had double digit sacks last season. with Nicholas, Spoon, Lofton, Peterson, we would have a beastly LB corps.

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Nicholas will more than likely be back. In my opinion, he is the best all around LB we had last year. Lofton and Pete were run stoppers and Spoon showed flashes but had the injury slow him. I think the best LB combo would be with Spoon/Lofton/Nicholas with Pete/Adkins/Dent backing them up.

I am not mad at Nicholas trying to get paid but he knows the teams looking at him aren't going anywhere far anytime soon.

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