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Seems to be a lot of Falcons fans in Cowboy country

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Odd coincidence.

I ran into a guy with a Falcons shirt and hat in a Wal-Mart in Waxahachie (about 35 miles south of Dallas). I asked him if it was for the Atl. Falcons or not because I have heard of a high school that uses the same name and logo. He said he moved here from Atl. about 2 years ago and never stopped repping the team. I showed him my Falcons key, Braves key and Bulldogs key (all made at a Home Depot in Atl. last year when I was visiting my parents who still live in Atl.)

Anyway, there are a lot of us here in the DFW/Ft.Worth area representing our Falcons.

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I moved to the DFW area a couple years ago from Chattanooga and i'm walking through wal-mart today with my falcons hat on and this dude walks by me and is like "nice hat, go falcons!" starting to see more and more falcons fans around here.

hey guy, add one more fan from San Antonio Texas

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I was at the game we had in Dallas a couple years ago and I was pretty amazed at how many Falcons fans there were there.

I was at that game. I had my Falcons shirt on (not a jersey but a Falcon shirt at least). I took so much harassing because we got beat badly that game. I still held my head high and represented. But it was embarassing how bad we played. We owe them a butt kicking next time.

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