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Best Get Well Wish's Too Our Beloved Atl Birdlady !

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She (or someone) posted this on her facebook about 5 hours ago:

News not good, pulmonary embolism is not responding to medication thus far. Still on oxygen and I.V.'s .... Not doing well at all.

To answer Headshot, yes she is the one who dresses like that.

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Guest Gritz


He's black! He looks like Vick!

I don't really care that much overall but I don't think that's even close to what he meant. There are some facial structure similarities.....

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met her at dome several times, i have taken a few pics with her. she is a nice lady, know every bird on the team. she doesnt watch the games she just goes up and down the aisles spreading the love.

onetime a buddy of mne had a Deion jersey on, and we were talking with her and she said, oh i see you are a christopher Owens fan, we both looked at each other like WTF? but just played it off. it waAS FUnnier than this story.

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The Birdlady posted this today on facebook, thought I would pass along.

Atlanta Falcons Birdlady

I'm still in hospital! I need everyone to stop whatever you're doing @3 n pray for me . Please.

She had went home on July 2nd, but had to go back on the 4th & is still in the hospital.

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